• This is the official website of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7, the ISO committee responsible to develop ISO standards in the area of  Software and Systems Engineering.

  • This site provides general information on the  organisation of JTC 1/SC7, its activities and members.

  • The What's New section is used to inform readers of the latest updates to this site.

  • The Planning section provides direct access to all SC7 planning documentation and reports up to and including the 2010 Niigata Plenary.

  • The Meetings section has information on the meeting schedule of SC7 and its Working Group as well as access to resolutions from past SC7 plenary meetings.

  • Published standards are listed in the Standards section, while work in progress is listed in the Project section.

  • Ballots in progress are listed on the SC7 ISO e-Committee portal.

    • All documents created after the 2010 Niigata Plenary are available on the SC7 ISO e-Committee portal. Older documents are archived in the Document section.

    • The  Publication page list selected publications on or referring to JTC 1/SC7 standards

  • This site is also used to distribute draft standards to member bodies who participate in the SC7 program of work.

  • Documents published on this web site are viewable using Acrobat Reader

  • Several SC7 documents are in the public domain. Draft standards and International Standards on the other hand are not. They can only be accessed with a password. This password is available through each country's national standardization body.