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N1401 - N1450

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Document Title No.
  N1405 WD, Software Process Assessment - Part 1: Concepts and Introductory Guide 18
  N1406 WD, Software Process Assessment - Part 2: A Model For Process Management 113
  N1407 Software Process Assessment - Part 3: Rating Processes 11
  N1408 Software Process Assessment - Part 4: Guide to conducting assessments 29
  N1409 Software Process Assessment - Part 5: Construction, selection and use of assessment instruments and tools 138
  N1410 Software Process Assessment - Part 6: Qualification and training of assessors 35
  N1411 Software Process Assessment - Part 7: Guide for use in process improvement 52
  N1412 Software Process Assessment - Part 8: Guide for use in determining supplier process caability 27
  N1413 Software Process Assessment - Part 9: Vocabulary 17
  N1415 Resolutions JTC1/SC7 Plenary Brisbane, Australia June 5-9, 1995 20
  N1416 WD, Guide for ISO/IEC 12207 (Software Life Cycle Process) 45
  N1417 CD 15026 - International Standard - Information Technology Software Engineering Software Integrity - System and Software Integr 24
  N1418 Disposition of DIS ballot comments on DIS 14102  6
  N1419 Minutes SC7/WG4 -Gold Coast, June 5 - 9, 1995
  N1420 Project requirements document for "Adoption of CASE tools"
  N1421 Disposition of comment report for CD 12220-3  
  N1422 Agenda for Joint WG (TC56/WG10-JTC1/SC7/WG9) Durban Meeting, October 23-27, 1995  
  N1423 Report of Joint Working Group Meeting of TC56/WG10- JTC1/SC7/WG9: Brisbane, Australia, June 5-9, 1995  
  N1424 Meeting Notification and travel information JTC1/SC7/WG10 Pilanesberg national Park November 13-17, 1995 12
  N1425 Minutes SC7/WG11 Meeting Brisbane, Australia June 5-9, 1995 25
  N1426 WD and PDTR Registration Ballot Guidelines for the adoption of CASE tools 30
  N1427 CD 14598-2 Software Product Evaluation Part 2: Planning and Management  17
  N1428 CD 14598-3 Software Product Evaluation Part 3: Process for Developers 21
  N1429 CD 14598-6 Software Product Evaluation Part 6: Evaluation Modules 20
  N1430 CD 14598-1.2 Software Product Evaluation Part 1: General Overview 26
  N1431 WD & PDTR Registration Ballot, Guide on Mock-up and Prototype 16 
  N1432 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Comments on ISO/CD 1006  
  N1433 SC7/WG6 Brisbane Meeting Convener Report 6
  N1434 Draft Agenda & Travel Information SC7 WG8 Meeting Durban, South Africa 1995-10-28 to 11-03 5
  N1434A Draft Agenda & Travel Information SC7 WG8 Meeting Durban, South Africa 1995-10-28 to 11-03 5
  N1435 JTC1/SC7 Position on IEC/TC56/442/CD Draft IEC 300-3-5 Dependability management Part 3: Application guide Section 5: Reliabi 2
  N1436 JTC1/SC7 Position on IEC/TC56/446/NP/WD/PNWI Dependability management - Application guide: Technical risk management 2
  N1437 JTC1/SC7 Position on ISO/TC 176/SC2/N269 Design Specifications for the Structure and Content for a standard on quality managem 2
  N1438 JTC1/SC7 position on ISO/TC176/SC2/N266 Design specifications for the structure and content for the revision of ISO 9000-1: 19 2
  N1439 JTC1/SC7 Positon on ISO/TC176/SC2/N267 Design specifications for the structure and content for the revisions of ISO 9001:1994, 3
  N1440 JTC1/SC7 Position on ISO/TC176/SC2/N268 Design specifications for the structure and content for the revisions of ISO 9004:1: 1  
  N1441 Proporal for the creation of a subdivision of project 07.19 to produce a Petri Net Standard 32
  N1442 DXL: Diagram exchange languate for tree-structured charts 2
  N1443 Draft Agenda and Meeting Information SC7/WG2 Meeting, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, 1995-10-23/25  
  N1444 WD and CD registration ballot Measurement and rating of performance of computer-based software systems 74

JTC1/SC7/WG11 Meeting #5, Brisbane, Australia, June 5-9, 1995

  N1446 Position and comments on ISO/TC 176/SC 2/N 274 ISO/CD 9000-3 Quality management and quality assurance standards - Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001 to the design, development, supply, installation and maintenance of software.  
  N1447 Calling Notice of Meeting, Draft Agenda & Hotel Information. SC7/WG11 Meeting, Aomori, Japan, October 23 - 27, 1995  
  N1448 Letter Ballot Summary, Proposal for a NWI, Software User Documentation  
  N1449 Disposition of comments report CD 14143-1 35
  N1450 Calling Notice for Meeting and Draft Agenda WG12 Dublin, Ireland, November 27th - December 1st 95 5